Lord IGM Cheat File #6:

IGMCHET6.ZIP Compiled by Suzanne Franklin (Kiteria) and Thanh Tran (Napalm Runner) UPDATED 07/14/1996


Find the bum in here, and give him some money. Type in - 2,000,000,000* for your amount. You will then get 2 billion gold. This only works in the original version of this IGM, so it won't work everywhere. *Big thanks to Stanley Chiu for catching that boo-boo!!


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.


Empty your LORD bank to zero before doing this one. With James at the orphanage, bet more gold that you have on hand. It will give you a negative amount. Go to the LORD bank, exit, then go back in, it should give you 200,000,000.


For version 1.25 and older, go to Misc. rename weapon `kxxxxxx (must have over 4 letters) then go to LORD, view stats many times. Each time you do this you get a kid, then sell kids. This can also be done with `s, each time you check your stats you raise your strength. Also, for versions 1.25 and older, you can put your weapon in storage, or sell. There is no value drop in strength. I'm not sure, but I believe the same is true with the armor. Once in a while in this IGM, you will be given a random chance to bet on fights between 2 warriors. If you make a negative bet and lose, then you'll get the absolute value of that. For example, if you make a bet of -2,000,000,000 gold and lose, then you'll get 2 billion gold! I'm not sure what happens if you win though... probably end up with (negative) -2,000,000,000 gold...but you can fix that by going to the bank and then leave it will take your amount of gold to 100.


Here's some new information supplied by Mike Neale.

The `k trick works in version 1.3 as well. The `s trick doesn't. Also for those using v1.3, I discovered another glitch. Every time you go into Aladdin's palace, try selling a fairy, even if you don't have one. It will buy your fairy every time you enter, even if it's more than once a day! Another thing that I learned from an earlier version regard's buying and selling a weapon. Buy a Wan's weapon from the regular shop and sell it in Aladdin's Palace. Then go back to the regular shop and do it all over again. As many times as you want. What happens is, you buy the weapon for 1m and it 'says' it offers you 500k when you sell it. It actually gives you 5m! PLUS keep an eye on your strength column! Every time you buy and sell the wan's weapon, your strength keeps going up accordingly.

*** All of these bugs mentioned are in *previous* versions of Aladdin's *** *** Palace. FREQ "ALADDIN" from 1:140/129, to receive Version 2.00 - *** *** which fixes all of these bugs, and much more. Please give Devon B. *** *** the courteousness he deserves and upgrade to this version of A.P.!! ***


IF THE GAME IS REGISTERED, go to where you can bet on fights. Enter "-2000000000" as your bet. See the fight...and hope you lose. If you do, then you just made 2 billion gold. If not, then continue repeating the same procedure until you get your 2 billion gold. You can also purchase lockers to put your excess money/gems/and such in there. This is really good for when you are about to kill the dragon and reset. You will be able to get up to a high level real quick if you have a stash of cash/gems waiting for you after the reset.

**NEW INFORMATION:** If you've changed your name you do not have to buy another locker, just press the keys just as you would if your name was the same as when you purchased the locker, and it will take your right in.


Older versions only: Go to armor shop buy and sell armor repeatedly, you will gain lots of defense. Yet, another trick on how to get 2 billion gold. Go to the bank in the IGM, pick "transfer to the LORD account". Transfer about -1.8 billion gold. You will then get 1.8 billion in your Dragon's account and 1.8 billion in your LORD account. Withdraw all the gold from your Dragon's account. Go back to LORD. Go to the bank, leave the bank without doing any transactions. Return to the bank, you will notice 200,000,000 gold in your LORD account. This totals 2 billion gold.


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.



This trick lets you get an easy 200,000,000 gold. For it to work, you must not have any money on hand or in the bank. You can have a little bit ...but too much, and this trick will take a while to work. To get rid of your money, simply transfer it to somebody. Go to the Energy Emporium inside the Dragon's Castle IGM. Sell "-1" of your magic points. You'll get a negative amount for doing so. Go to the bank there, deposit "1" into the bank. You should have a negative amount in your bank account now. After doing so, go back to LORD enter the bank and leave without making any transactions. Enter the bank again. You should now have 200,000,000 gold.


CONTRIBUTED BY: Loyd Bulmur from The GuildNet BBS Canadian Media Guild When you have used up all your time Mining for gems and Panning for gold, Leave the IGM, Quit the Other Places, then return to the IGM and you get a new amount of time to Mine and Pan. This can be repeated ad nauseam (till you're sick of it). (I have not seen this one, but Loyd was so eloquent in his explanation that I felt he knew what he was talking about!)


Contributed by: Debra Owens - The Music Room Memphis TN I've not been able to do this, so I can't say if it works but you kiss Felicity many times then go and pray for strength you can sometimes end up with -28,000 strength which according to Debra is 28K strength. She says that sometimes in the forest you have to keep attacking something before you kill it but when you do, it's for 30,000 damage! This is a very minor trick, glitch really. When you see Akasha, one of your choices will be to ask to be bitten. I think this is the option, but I know it's the exclamation point option "!". Anyway, with the other options, you can only use them once...but you can keep on using this one as often as you want. It's a good way to earn gems.


When you find the tavern you (K)nock on the door. If you get in you choose (C)asino. That will get you 500 strength every time you do it. Contributed by: Andrew Senger Gentle Breeze BBS Cliffside, NC On the VERY FIRST MENU select (I)nfo on Free World, then select (Q)uestion. Press ENTER whenever it says so (3 times over all) and you will get extra stuff! After 2 times, it will say "How many times you gonna check this out today!?" If you do it a couple more times after that, it'll say "NICE TRY!....JEEZ You're a greedy little sucker!" From: Robert Weeks, Good Times Unlimited, Oakville, Ontario If you ignore the response of "NICE TRY..."etc. you can make the request as often as you wish gathering forest fights, player fights, gold, and experience each time. The latest version v0.55 or .57 I forget which at the moment has fixed this cheat so that it no longer works. Though you can do it two or three times for only a few gold pieces and experience, but no forest fights or player fights. The authors of the IGM have added a line to your quote above that reminds users "THAT DON'T WORK HERE NO MO". From: Debby Borowski The Buzzards Roost, Pueblo, Colorado YES you can gain a lot of stuff in Freeworld ... not just experience. When you enter the IGM you ask for (I)nfo... a couple times.. then go on the (J)ourney... and then ask for info again. After 3 times it asks if you are greedy or what? The thing is .. every time you ask for info it increases your forest fights and experience. I haven't played it in a while. There doesn't seem to be a limit to how many times you can ask for Info, but you can (J)ourney only once. I like it... It is a great way to get kids... on LORDS that don't have a BUY a Kid option!!!>


Thanks to Andy Grondalski - Camelot BBS - Belpre, OH and to Dave Blagburn The Spy's Nest -Pensacola, FL You may want to add this to the IGM cheat FAQ. Withdrawl all of your gold and go to the -=Fun 'n Games=- IGM. There have the old lady tell you your fortune. So far everytime I've tried it said it was taking gold from my bank account. Sure enough returning to LORD I had -10 gold in the bank, from there of course you change it into 200 million.


There's a nifty trick in version 1.0 that lets you get lots of money. After you go in there, it won't let you go back in again, but if you change your name, you can get back in and get more money and other/other stuff!!! I usually just add or change the color code after my name. It makes it more discreet this way. People will know what's up if you change your name 50 times a day, but they'll also know something's up if they see pages and pages in the news of you getting money at the Graveyard.


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.


Journey to the Castle of L.O.R.D.

In the older versions, you can sell negative gems. Sell "-32000" gems, and you will be given 32000 of them. You can then take them back to the regular LORD and trade them in for strength/defense/hit points. Although it's pretty slow on the 3.26 version... on v3.50+, it's easy and fast to get 32000 strength/defense/hit points. On v3.26, I would go back to LORD, go to your bank, you'll notice a negative amount in your bank account. This is okay... leave the bank, return, and you'll have 100 gold on hand. Go back to the Castle of the LORD, sell the 32000 gems for 32,000,000 gold. Go back to LORD, put all the gold into your bank account and repeat this procedure over again for another 32 million gold. It does get tedious, but worth it in the end.


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.



Go to the bank and deposit -2000000000 it will give it to you on hand.


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.



The negative flow applies again. Just bet in the negative the gross amount you'd like to scam, then lose.


Enter the store and ask to buy anything. When it asks how much you want say 100,000. It will say that it will charge you -$xxxxxxx (A lot of cash). Agree and you will come out of the store with TONS of cash. For example if you had 800 strength and you bought 100,000 strength you would end up with -30,000 strength and about 100 mil. To make it go positive buy another 100,000. You will end up with 2500 strength. But be careful though, because you can start to go into negative cash. If that happens just buy or sell 100,000 forest fights until positive again. This trick basically gives you anything you want! You can get HUGE amounts of charm, and using the change sex option, you can marry both Seth Able and Violet.


If the game's registered, then press "c" when the first "MORE" prompt pops up. Enter "noisullI fO rorriM" (Mirror Of Illusion backwards) and pick the 2429 Town. You will be able to bet on fights. Place a bet of "-2000000000" gold and hope you will lose the fight. If not, you will still get over 200 million gold...but not the 2 billion. If you are satisfied, then leave...if not, stay and continue to try and get your 2 billion gold.


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.



Go to the bank inside of here. When in there, you can pick to deposit or withdraw some money. Withdraw/deposit -2,000,000,000 gold. You'll then receive either 2 billion gold in the bank or in your hand depending on where you pick it...I prefer to deposit it...then I get 2 billion gold in my hand and when I return to LORD, and go to the bank to fix the negative amount in my bank account...I get 200,000,000 more gold. You can also go to the Dolphin Rest Inn, talk to the bartender, tip him -1000000000 and he will give it back in the positive.



In version 120 you can go in as often as you like you can also change your name to a color code only and be difficult to find by other warriors.


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.



***A NOTE OF WARNING*** There are several different versions to this IGM, don't just automatically sell everything and jump in there thinking you are going to make billions in minutes. TEST THE WATERS:

In the original version, you can sell your armor and weapon in the LORD game and go into Sandtiger's and sell your "fists" and "nothing" for around 2.4 million each. Then you go back to the LORD game weapon and armor shop, sell the Sandtiger's weapon and armor, go back and do it again. It's very easy to make big money in this version.

2.) Start this when you are LEVEL 1 and ready to sell your armor. Remember, check it out first, because of the different versions. Have only $1500 gold, "fist" for weapon, (this one doesn't work on armor.) Go to the shop and sell your weapon, IF the salesman doesn't ask you if you want to sell your "fist" for a quoted amount, then purchase it 19 more times, (that's 20 all together) Napalm does it for 40. Then exit the IGM, go into the bank, do nothing exit bank then return. You should have 200,000,000. gold in the bank now. Be sure that when you start this you only have $1500. in the bank do not have any more or any less.

With the gold you make from these two versions, you can purchase your stats, and skills and charm for very little gold.

3.) This one has to be started at level 1, it will not give you big gold, but it will give you level 12 stats by the time you are at level 7. Sell armor and weapon, go to Sandtiger's IGM and purchase "SlingShot" and "Lead Pan". The purchase price is $500. go to LORD weapon and armor shop and sell each for $1500. With this version, you make a profit and your stats go up each time you purchase, and they do not drop when you sell. Stick with the first and second weapons and armors, otherwise you'll be spending more than your investing.


Sell your experience for lots of cash and buy strength, defense, and hit points in return. In the original version the negative trick can be used. When asked for how much of an item you want, pick a negative number and see if it works. If it doesn't work, then you will have to use the selling of experience route.


(Napalm Runner's Version) Go to any of the little areas in there. When asked for your percentage of ingredients, type in any numbers that end up with a value of 100. For example, you would type in -32000 for the first one, and 32100 for the second one, and 0 for the rest. More then likely, you will be offered to buy it at a negative amount, and if you pick the right percentages, you will also get the special attribute also, like the strength, defense, hit points, experience, and/or charm. This works great in the "Bathroom", because after you've exhausted your number of buys, return to the previous menu then go back in, and start buying again.

(Kiteria's Version)

Go into the bathroom, select 99 of Purple Pedals, and 0 to the rest, it will say it cost a negative amount, say yes and you will GET that money plus what you are purchasing. This works with every one of the "Bathroom" items except Goober Grass.


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.



When you are given the option of either trading in your weapon or armor for another one, do not trade up for a better weapon/armor. If you do it will only make you weaker. You are given the weapon/armor, but not the strength and defense associated with it. Trade in for a weaker weapon or armor if possible. That way, when you sell your weapon/armor for a better one, you will not lose as much strength/defense. This will make more sense once you start doing it. You can rack up tons of strength and defense this way.


Enter with at least 1 gold. Go to the gambling area, and wager -2,000,000,000 gold (or any amount you want, for the rest of this trick, (-20 million would be a good amount). When asked to pick a number between 1 and ten, pick "11". You'll lose. Continue for the rest of your turns. With the money you just earned, enter the Wizard's area. Buy your strength, defense, hit points, whatever else you want here. DO NOT ENTER with more then 20-30 million gold. It will FORCE you to buy negative amounts of hit points/strength/defense etc., because of the high numbers it has to work with. Go in with X amount of gold, comparable to your level. If you are level 1, 2, or 3, it is advisable to not go into this IGM with more than $250,000. to 35,000. to start. You do not want to go into the negative. Remember to keep an eye on your stats. Do not have more then 32,767 of any one item (except for experience and gold) or else, it'll give you a negative value. While here, you may also make your name blink or invisible. Pick for a name change, enter a "`b" before your name to make it blink red or "`y" for yellow or simply a color code to make it invisible but you will not be able to receive mail unless you write it first.


On older versions, there's a way to get an instant 2 billion gold. Go to the innkeeper and give him a tip of (negative) -2000000000" or so.


THIS HAS BEEN REPAIRED: Please do this author the courtesy of using only the most recent release of his works on your BBS.



This really isn't that big of a deal...but if it's the only IGM in the realm, it's still an advantage. If you buy your lemonade, you will notice that you can't buy it again...but if you leave and come back, it will let you!


Before killing the dragon stash everything into this IGM, it will all be there waiting for you when you restart. You can get tons of gems in this IGM as well. Go to the bank, and pick the option to sell your gems. You have to have at least 1 gem on hand to make this work. ...i.e., you can sell -32000 gems...and get 32,000 gems...of course, your money on hand will go into the negatives, but that can easily be fixed by going to the LORD bank and leaving. Try selling other things, it may work, it may not.


Transfer your gold to someone else, go in and ask for gold. Do it over and over. (This on may be fixed so that you can only go into it one time.)


You can get tons of free gold/gems in this IGM. Go to the bank in this IGM, then deposit a negative amount of gems and money. This works great in version 3.50+, when you can cash them in all at one time.

****************************************************************** According to Robert Weeks - Good Times Unlimited - Oakville, Ontario This has been fixed, and the negative cheats no longer work. I have yet to see this version but I trust Robert and will make this announcement on his word. The latest file name is XEN17IGM.ZIP. He says he has had it up and running on his BBS for some time and it appears cheat free. Robert says, "Although I have had it lock out 1 user for some reason that I have yet to figure out it is only A temporary thing that self corrects. It may be a conflict with another IGM on the system". So beware of that.

***NOTE FROM NAPALM RUNNER*** Before you start to think that you can be all powerful, I need to caution you to the amount of stuff you can have before it puts your stats into the negative. The highest amount of gold on hand or in the bank, and experience you can have is just barely over 2.147 billion gold...this really doesn't matter as much...it's rare, if possible to get negative experience points...but if you get a negative amount of gold, go to the bank and leave without any transactions...if the negative amount was on hand, you will get 100 gold. I know that stinks, but the price for getting greedy is high. The amount in the bank will go to 200,000,000 ...the highest amount of strength, defense, hit points, gems, children, and charms is 32,767 ...so keep track of these stats carefully...

You can see a trend in these tricks, the use of negative numbers. With new IGM's, the first thing to do is look for a place where you can use negative numbers. A Word from me, Kiteria I've tried to keep my personal opinion out of this file, those that know me know that I do not like the IGM's that off set the game to the point that it is no longer fun. Hence this file, please share it with your friends, all the BBS's you call and anyone and everyone else. I do ask that when you quote any of this file, that you give the author due credit and that NONE of this file be altered in any way. Let's give this wonderful game back to everyone, not just a chosen few. For more hints tips and information about the game and the IGM's read the FIDO LORD Door Game Discussion ECHO, it will help you to be a more informed player.

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