Kiteria's Story

The Legend of the Great Lady Warrior:

When Kiteria was in the northern territory looking for a clue to find her fifth Red Dragon to kill, she was ambushed by a black wolf. The only reason that she did fall was that she had never seen this creature and was not aware of its attacks.

As the wolf was about to make its final attack, there was a rustling sound that came from the edge of the clearing.

A small but powerful man came out into the clearing and uttered some words that Kiteria could not understand. The wolf looked at the small man and just turned away and left to never be seen again.

Kiteria being so close to meeting her god, had slipped into a deep sleep.

When she awoke, she found herself in a small run-down cottage with the man looking over her. He told her his name was Rabbit. He had brought her here to help her recover. See Kiteria's legend was known throughout the realm, and when he saw her, he knew who she was. At this time , you see, there was not a place to go get your picture made at every corner, so if there was any documents on anyone, it was done through the Bard's Songs.

Kiteria in her mature years, but still ready to fight if necessary.


Rabbit and Kiteria stayed together for many Seasons, they both learned a lot from each other. But soon came the time where Kiteria had to leave. Rabbit had fallen in love though, and begged her to stay. Although Kiteria had feelings for Rabbit, she told him that there was a lot of problems in the town that she had come from, and with her health being back up, she had to go back. But she promised that she would come back to be with him.

In the days before she left, Rabbit, would stay up at night and paint her picture while she slept. He knew he had to have something to remember her by.

The day finally came when Kiteria had to leave and the goodbye was long and hard on both of them. But Kiteria was a warrior and had to help the town that she grew up in.

It was a long trip home and when she got there, there were cheers of joy that she had returned. She told her tales of Rabbit in the Red Dragon Inn (a local tavern) and everyone was fascinated. Except one.

Barak asked her to describe this Rabbit and told her that he had personally banished this person from the town. You see Rabbit had been the one that had killed the first Red Dragon so many Years ago. Although when he had done this they had found out that he was a thief, a liar, and a cheat. When Barak had found out he was the one that escorted him out of Town and into the Forest.

Barak told of the trip:
It was raining when we made it to the clearing, I bid him farewell and he had struck me when my Back was turned. I had to defend myself and he was slain when the fight was over.

He continued to tell her that there was no way that she had seen this person as Barak himself had taken the body to the northern territory and buried him.

Kiteria was heart-broken and tried to put his image out of her mind.

Over the next few months there were a lot of suitors that would ask for the hand of Kiteria, but Kiteria would have no man in her bed. She could only think of Rabbit.

As this went on and on, she vowed to find the truth about him, and packed her supplies and headed back to the northern territory.

Kiteria as a young Lady warrior. As she approached the clearing, where the cottage that she had meet her first true love was in, she noticed that it was all gone. The only things that were there was a grave, marked with Barak's writing, stating that Rabbit had been buried there 10 years prior to this, and a Dragon's Scale.

Kiteria fell to her knees and wept. Had this all been a dream? How could this have happened?

As she got herself up, she looked at the Dragon's Scale. It was a picture of her!

She had taken the scale with her and kept it with her always. She knew that one day she would meet up with Rabbit again. And then she would give back the painting that he had cherished so much.

As time went on the scale has ended up in my possession. I have done my best to keep it the exact way it was when Kiteria had carried it off into Battle, I hope you enjoy it.

This picture of Kiteria, in her youth, was scanned off of the Dragon's Scale that it was painted on. The Bard that did it is unknown. RabbitHunter - 1997.

Copyright 1996-2006. Suzanne Franklin

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