Upon entering the realm, your first decision will be who you are, your second, which will be the easiest of the three, will be what sex you are, and lastly, you will decide on what skill, or "profession", you will work on first. Each one has a unique feature that makes it useful throughout your never ending battles with the forest guardians, and fellow players. Here we will discuss each one in close detail, covering what is required of you to "complete your training", and then to "master" the skill. What you can do with your skills, and to whom, and what they can do for you.


While in the forest you will be confronted by the Thieves Guild, if you give them a gem they will give you a lesson. In the game the successful completion of this is called a "skill" point. After four successful lessons, you will be given a "users" point. This means that you have earned the right to the use of your skill one time. Let's recap: With 1 gem you get 1 lesson, with 4 lessons you get 1 Skill Use point, therefore to get 20 uses of your Thieving Skill's, which will complete your lessons, it will require 80 gems in all. There will be times when you are confronted by the Guild and you will not have a gem. If you are unable to give the Guild a gem at that time, your choice's are to spit at them or mumble. Either way the Guild will release you, but if you spit they will compliment you, if you mumble they will insult you.

10/15/02: Under LORD v4.05pb+, the Thief Use Points and Thief Skill Points go to 100. However, LORD itself does not award new Skill Points past 40. But it allows LORD IGMs to continue awarding them up to 100. Most LORD IGMs that were created before LORD v4.02 will not however go past 40 in any way, since they were designed to respect the built-in limit boundaries that Seth specificed for each LORD stat. As a Master Thief, you will be granted 1 new Thief use point each time you meet the Guild. You may still have to give them a Gem though.


Learning the art of magic takes a long time, your user skills are just a little more deadly than a Thief's, and SOME are more deadly than the Death Knights. You will be taught six magic spells, each one capable of more damage than the other. While in the forest slaying the guardians, you will come upon the house of an old mage. You have the choice to knock or bang on the door. Sometimes he won't answer if you bang and sometimes he won't answer if you knock. I have found that if you bang the first time of each set of four lessons, you will get an answer more often than a knock, otherwise he will not be at home. Then knock, don't bang the other three times, or he won't be at home. Of course this is not a 100% thing, so go for your gut feeling and do what your vibes are telling you. If the old man is answering his door at the time, he will have you guess a number he is thinking of between 1 and 100 within six tries. Many have a formula for this, perhaps they work, and perhaps not. It is up to you to find what will work for you, but I have found that simplicity is the most successful. Start in the middle at 50 and go from there, either higher or lower, relatively by 10's and halves. To help you visualize what I'm referring to, I will lay it out.

Let us say the number is 52.
Guess 1: 50
Guess 2: 75
Guess 3: 65
Guess 4: 55
Guess 5: 53
Guess 6: Here is where you have a 50 - 50 chance.

It's not much, but at least the odds are a lot better than when you started out. It is my observation that odd numbers appear more frequently than even numbers, but again, this is not ALWAYS true, there are those times when I am awash in even numbers. Below is a list of the spells the Mystic who has Mastered the art will have available to them. LORD Barline

Pinch 	1 	Basic, a bit more than a sword
Disappear 	4 	Escape from foe no loss of forest fight. Player opponent never knows you were trying to do him in.
Heat Wave 	8 	Quite powerful equal to 1 Death Night skill.
Light shield * 	12 	Reduces damage TO YOU by half
Shatter 	16 	Awesome power! Equal to two Death Knight skills at one blow
Mind heal * 	20 	Completely heal yourself right in the middle of a battle!
* - May use on players equal or lower level than yourself.

Please understand that it takes 20 USER points to use the Mind Heal, if it takes 4 SKILL points to earn 1 USER point, you can see that you have to guess 80 times CORRECTLY to achieve 1 use of the mind heal. It will take time and a lot of patience. You will be learning some very powerful magic and used with your sword attacks, you will be able to stand your ground and most likely be successful in killing players one or more levels higher than you. Use common sense though, know when to take off if that player or forest guardian you are attacking is doing severe damage no matter what you throw at them. Remember, there are two forms of the magic skill that you are allowed to use when battling a player on the same level as you, or lower. It is the LIGHT SHIELD, and the MIND HEAL. This is another aspect of this profession that makes it far superior to the other two in my opinion.

10/11/02 Note: In LORD v4.06/4.07 beta, the number of Mystic Use Points for a player matches what they have amassed in Mystic Skill Points. If they are pursuing Mystical Skills, then use points are incremented by 1. The actual Use points you can have can also be affected by various LORD IGMs. Without interaction by IGMs (or LADY Scripts - LORD 4.05pb+), one has to have 19+ Mystic Skill points, and 20+ Mystic Use points, before he/she may use the Mind Heal technique.

10/15/02 Note: In the case of Light Shield usage, it only is in effect during a single Fight. Just like the effect of Mind Heal is a one-time event. But a FULL Master Mage can use Mind Heal during a game day up to 5 times (without replenishment of Use points via IGMs). But any fight that requires more than one Mind Healing is probably one that you should use Disappear to escape safely from.

Death Knight

The moment is upon you, you are led to the dungeon by the Death Knights, the prisoner is there and it is up to you to declare his guilt or innocents. Choose wisely and you either free an innocent man or you call down the death penalty upon a heinous criminal, choose poorly and the opposite is true. This is also a hard to achieve skill, but unlike the Mystic skill that gives you six chances to nail it down, you have a fifty- fifty chance, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Unless you have a little ESP going for you, you can only hope that your best guess is THE guess. The grizzled warriors tell many rumors at the DARK CLOAK TAVERN about this one! It's hard to know who or what to believe, if any. I've heard them all and tried them all, and I have not found one anymore successful than the other. There is the odd day of the month rumor, select the odd number on odd days, even day even number. It is even being stated that you should look at the stat screen by pressing "1" at the main menu and see how many days the game has been running. Then select "2" if it has been running an even amount of days, and "1" if it's run an odd number of days. Then there is the "formula" I use, press "1" OR "2" EVERY time, it has to give it to you at least every 4th or 5th time. (It says here in very small print!!) Kj Radkey, the co-author of Castle ColdDrake, swears by her formula. She says that if she guesses it wrong the first time, then she will guess the other option the next time. She's a powerhouse of a L.O.R.D. player so I'm giving her suggestion serious consideration!

I hope you see my point though, everyone has their own way and they are all as good as the next persons. Only through trial and error will you find what works for you, and you may come up with something that no one's thought of! By all means, if you have a theory, work it, and then come and tell Kj and me!!

Some players start out by getting a little of all of the skills starting with Thieving skills simply because it's so easy to obtain. Stay with it long enough to have three user skills and at the lower levels, it makes a fairly good addition to your weapon. Some players like to start with the Mystic skill because it does take a lot more time and effort to get the skill points, then transfer to the Thieving or Death Knight profession. Regardless of which skill you choose to go for first, you will work long and hard to MASTER it. Once the lessons are completed, you will have twenty USER points and the initial of your chosen profession will be to the side of your name on the roster in color code. To become a MASTER Mage, you must do it twenty more times and then you will have a white "M" next to your name on the roster. Once you have MASTERED magic your Master will tell you that he can no longer teach you anything and offer the selections for you to choose another skill to work on.

At any time in the game you can change your skill by going to the DARK CLOAK TAVERN and talking to Chance the barkeep. He will present you with the same choices to select from as you had the first time you entered the game. It's also wise to keep in mind that certain IGM's cater to certain professions, with a horse you can take advantage of all three that are offered, if you have the time to run back and forth to the DARK CLOAK TAVERN to change your skill. I don't consider this cheating, I consider it "maximum utilization of available resources." {G}

You will not (usually) master a skill the first trip through the levels on your way to killing the dragon. This is one of the reasons there are the HEROIC DEEDS. By the time you are ready to kill the dragon for the 10th time to become the HERO OF THE REALM, you will not only have completed all your lessons in each profession, you will have MASTERED them. Once you have become a MASTER in all three skills, you may choose the one you prefer to be for the rest of the game. I generally choose to be a Death Knight, because when you meet them in the forest, they will not only give you an extra user skill for the day, they will refill your hit points. The other 2 will give you another use (or uses) of your skill for that day, but they do not refill your hit points.

As you work on your skills throughout your adventure from level 1 to level 12, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that these skills will stay with you even after you have slain the dragon and started over as a lowly level one. Each time you slay the dragon and start over, you become a much more dangerous warrior. Because you not only are armed and armored, you have the Skills previously learned as well.

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