LORD Ethics

Well a lot of players have learned, or never learned, the way to play LORD fairly and make it a game not only fun for you, but fun for everyone.I can remember a while ago there was only one person who was a trouble-maker, now only a handful of people are not trouble-makers. What follows are the "unwritten rules" of LORD.

What you should always remember is the object of the game is to kill the Dragon; NOT to stay at level 12, get a Death Sword, and claim your number one position. 'Hey, it's the person who killed the Dragon the most who Seth Able sings about'. You will be pretty surprised when the person who never did get the Death Sword, but killed the Dragon anyway, gets the ANSI about him beating the game! And if your SysOp is very busy, it may be a while until the game can be entered again, proclaiming that person number #1, not you.

Of course some games make it so that you can't beat the game, since it's set at unlimited times to kill the Dragon. I consider these game great to practice with, since the game never ends. So kill the Dragon once or twice, learn the ropes, and if you want do stay at level 12 to show how boring it gets after a few weeks, unless you want to compete for such ranks as most player kills, old mans rankings, etc.

If you do enjoy those games, because of the people and what not,then at least advance whenever your able to. Some people Will stay at level 11 to use power moves, yet they have death swords and 2 billion exp! Even worse players stay at level one or two! This is extremely cheap, and makes the game a kill feast. and will encourage others until its just a few egotistical people who insult each other all the time.

NEVER cheat. Cheating is not things like the jennie code, or anything in the game itself. What I am talking about is tricks with IGMs. If there is a game where nobody is cheating, yet IGMs which one can cheat in exist, notify the SysOp, and enjoy a game which hasn't been effected by cheating. If there is a cheat feast game, you are better off ignoring it. These games are just people killing each other

Now that we got down the major problems, the rest is for nice normal games. You will be killed many times by other players. Don't take it personal, unless they send you mail insulting you also. Only kill for exp, or to shut up some egotistical kid. Don't kill level one people when your finally at level 12, remember how you hated it when that happened to you?

Don't say to people "kill so and so and I'll kill you". This will only cause an annoying battle between you, and possibly create teams 'a big no-no' causing everyone not involved to be annoyed at you. Don't start a big flaming contest in the conversations, it only annoys everyone not involved. And finally don't kill someone just to annoy someone else. This ALWAYS will make that person angry, he/she will kill your friends, you will get your friends to kill him/her, he/she will get his/her friends, and so on until after a while your killing each other for a reason you probably get, and everyone else will get angry, and may leave "Ive done this, and what happened was the only people who were left was me, my lover in the game, and my enemy, soon my lover left, and after a while my enemy. Well it was just a local game for me then, and you don't want that".

Well everything else such as romance, and teams should be covered in other files, so check them out. Don't worry, most of what I warned against rarely happens, you'll probably find a nice normal game with no problems. And tell your friends to check out Kiterias Korner! 'my shameless plug to get in':)

Josh "freak" Abrams/Ender.

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