Not too long ago there was a "newbie" player lamenting in the Inn about how everybody kills him. And He was asking "why are you people always killing me?" I could not help feeling sorry for him because I have been there. As we begin our journey into the Realm of the Red Dragon we start out with a thread-bare coat and a flimsy stick. This makes us so vulnerable, not only to the attacks by the forest guardians, but those of the other players as well. We will die many times in the course of the game, if we can accept that with dignity and determination, then we have won half the battle. The loss of 10% of our experience is not worth the energy we expend boiling over with rage when we sign in and find someone has killed us. When our time comes to be the attacker, we will receive 50% of OUR victim's experience. So, as you can see, there is a purpose to this aspect of the game.

Along with our miserable coat and stick we receive $500 in Gold to start our adventure. Our wisest move is to take it directly to the bank and deposit it. Then head out to the forest, if we are in "high spirits" that day, we have a small advantage. We will do the "JENNIE CODE" (more on this later) and receive $1,000 Gold for our level one status, then we will take this immediately to the bank. [For version 3.50 or higher of the game, one need only hit "B" in the forest and the vulture (buzzard) will come and take the Gold and deposit it into the bank for us]. Having done that, we go to the forest, do two forest fights (depositing that Gold), then go back to the Inn, and have Seth sing for us. [This only has a 50-50 chance of working to your favor]. Word around the campfire has it, that if you do this, your Gold in the Bank will be doubled. If you see the words "SOMEWHERE MAGIC HAS HAPPENED", you will know you were fortunate that day.


The JENNIE CODES are a feature purposely put in the game Legend of the Red Dragon. Seth gives many clues to their existence in the Barak's House IGM. With some good deduction on your part you can have them figured out in no time. If you are in no mood for playing detective, here is the proper procedure for using the JENNIE CODES and what you will receive for your effort. This is based on whether or not you are in "high" or "low" spirits. You find this out when you sign into the game. You can do this at anytime you are playing the game, it does not have to be before you fight your first battle with the forest guardians.

All you need to do is type jennie or JENNIE, it does not have to be in all caps, but if you want to do it that way it will work. As you type jennie, it will not show up on the screen, so you want to be careful and type it correctly, because you only get one chance. If you have typed jennie correctly it will ask you to describe her, here is where you make your choice of what you want to receive. Red LORD barline


BABE One Extra Forest Fight

LADY Gold (1,000 per each level; i.e., level 6, 6,000 Gold)

SEXY One Extra Player Fight

FOXY One Extra Gem

HOTT Energized (15% temporary increase in hit points)

DUNG Turned into a frog. (This is funny!)

UGLY Slapped, kicked out of game, 1 HP when you return (same day)

FAIR Takes away your flirt option for the day (*)

DUMB Insult (but nothing happens)

STAR Nothing happens

NICE Insult (but nothing happens)

COOL If hitpoint are NOT full you will receive 1 charm point. (*)

(*) - LORD v4.06 does not handle the Jennie codes the same way as older versions do. FAIR just gives the user this comment, which doesn't seem to do anything. "Very Fair. (YOU FEEL EXCITED!). COOL does nothing now. DUNG does turn you into a frog. You have two choices: 1) hop around the forest floor, and (2) Apologize. When you apologize, she turns you into a human again. NICE does nothing, but gives you an odd comment. Female player: Perhaps if you were male you might understand better. STAR: "A huge star, infant (You Get Nothing, You Stated the Obvious). One extra code was added, and one code was dropped, by Michael Preslar, but they have not been identified yet.

There are more ways to take advantage of these "perks" than what is obvious. At the lower levels you will not make a lot of Gold, so it is to your advantage to do the "LADY" option and get the Gold. At level 7, you start to receive more than $7,000 Gold for some of the forest guardians you kill. Your best strategy is to go for one more forest fight with the "BABE" option if you have 25 or fewer fights daily. On occasion I will chose the "HOTT" option, usually if I am going to go after another player that I am on an even basis with. This option in combination with some of the IGM'S that offer more hit points can be a formidable weapon for ousting a player you wish to pass. As a thief without a gem, FOXY would get you that much needed gem necessary for raising user skill level.


Regardless of whether or not you are in "high spirits" to start your adventure, or Seth doubles your money with his singing, your first priority is to get better protection. When you have $900 in gold, go to the Armor Shop sell your coat for $100 gold and purchase a Heavy Coat. It's not much but for your level 1 status it will serve quite nicely. After doing some more slaying in the forest, again when you have $900 gold run to the Weapon Shop sell your stick, and purchase a Dagger. Now you are a little stronger not by much but it will serve against most of the level one guardians. Always remember your money is safer in the bank than in you hand, If you die carrying it, your hard work has gone for nothing. This is one place where you can take it with you when you die, but when you come back the next day your gold will not!

Another good thing to keep in mind is whether or not you have someone who considers you an "easy prey". You may decide that rather than let that person have 10% of your experience, you'd rather die by your own hands. You can do this in the forest by not healing your hit points when you are down to around 10 fights. Or you can choose the "UGLY" jennie option at the last few fights, come back into the game, go into the forest, and get killed. You can select someone stronger than you and throw yourself upon their blade. If you have access to the Barak's House IGM, (K)nock on the door and then ask to borrow a (C)up of sugar. Hit the number 4 (this just eliminates a lot of chit-chat) then run into Barak instead of away from him. This will knock you down to 1 hit point, and you can return to the forest and hope you die in the last 5 or so forest fights. Sometimes, regardless of what you do, it just will not work and the GODS have deemed that you live that day. You can fill your hit points and get a room at the inn, or just quit the game. This will put you under the killing tree and open to the next person who plays. The odds are in your favor that it will not be the one person you wish to deny your profitable death. Fortunately, this is only a necessary option the higher you climb in levels, and of course as you make enemies.

On your way to being a powerful warrior, always remember to run into Turgons and (Q)uestion the master to see if you can advance a level. When you get ready to advance another level, make sure you are sufficiently equipped. If you are not handling the forest guardians at your present level, those at a level higher are really going to give you a hard time. As mentioned last month, there are two thoughts on what should be boosted with gem's first, hit points, defense, or strength. The same argument is extended to what should be replaced first, weapon or armor. [IMHO] it is better to replace armor first. With keeping the hit points close too full, the damage will not be as fatal by a strong guardian's first hit. Later into the game it is a judgment call, keeping in mind that you will never catch up in defense vs. strength till level 11 or 12 if at all.

by Kiteria -- updated 5/9/97 SKILLS AND WHAT THEY MEAN TO YOU

Upon entering the realm, your first decision will be who you are, your second, which will be the easiest of the three, will be what sex you are, and lastly, you will decide on what skill, or "profession", you will work on first. Each one has a unique feature that makes it useful throughout your never ending battles with the forest guardians, and fellow players. Here we will discuss each one in close detail, covering what is required of you to "complete your training", and then to "master" the skill. What you can do with your skills, and to whom, and what they can do for you.


While in the forest you will be confronted by the Thieves Guild, if you give them a gem they will give you a lesson. In the game the successful completion of this is called a "skill" point. After four successful lessons, you will be given a "users" point. This means that you have earned the right to the use of your skill one time. Let's recap: With 1 gem you get 1 lesson, with 4 lessons you get 1 Skill Use point, therefore to get 20 uses of your Thieving Skill's, which will complete your lessons, it will require 80 gems in all. There will be times when you are confronted by the Guild and you will not have a gem. If you are unable to give the Guild a gem at that time, your choice's are to spit at them or mumble. Either way the Guild will release you, but if you spit they will compliment you, if you mumble they will insult you.

10/15/02: Under LORD v4.05pb+, the Thief Use Points and Thief Skill Points go to 100. However, LORD itself does not award new Skill Points past 40. But it allows LORD IGMs to continue awarding them up to 100. Most LORD IGMs that were created before LORD v4.02 will not however go past 40 in any way, since they were designed to respect the built-in limit boundaries that Seth specificed for each LORD stat. As a Master Thief, you will be granted 1 new Thief use point each time you meet the Guild. You may still have to give them a Gem though.


Learning the art of magic takes a long time, your user skills are just a little more deadly than a Thief's, and SOME are more deadly than the Death Knights. You will be taught six magic spells, each one capable of more damage than the other. While in the forest slaying the guardians, you will come upon the house of an old mage. You have the choice to knock or bang on the door. Sometimes he won't answer if you bang and sometimes he won't answer if you knock. I have found that if you bang the first time of each set of four lessons, you will get an answer more often than a knock, otherwise he will not be at home. Then knock, don't bang the other three times, or he won't be at home. Of course this is not a 100% thing, so go for your gut feeling and do what your vibes are telling you. If the old man is answering his door at the time, he will have you guess a number he is thinking of between 1 and 100 within six tries. Many have a formula for this, perhaps they work, and perhaps not. It is up to you to find what will work for you, but I have found that simplicity is the most successful. Start in the middle at 50 and go from there, either higher or lower, relatively by 10's and halves. To help you visualize what I'm referring to, I will lay it out.

Let us say the number is 52.

Guess 1: 50


Guess 2: 75


Guess 3: 65


Guess 4: 55


Guess 5: 53


Guess 6: Here is where you have a 50 - 50 chance.

It's not much, but at least the odds are a lot better than when you started out. It is my observation that odd numbers appear more frequently than even numbers, but again, this is not ALWAYS true, there are those times when I am awash in even numbers. Below is a list of the spells the Mystic who has Mastered the art will have available to them. LORD Barline LORD's Mystical Skills:


Pinch 1 Basic, a bit more than a sword

Disappear 4 Escape from foe no loss of forest fight. Player opponent never knows you were trying to do him in.

Heat Wave 8 Quite powerful equal to 1 Death Night skill.

Light shield * 12 Reduces damage TO YOU by half

Shatter 16 Awesome power! Equal to two Death Knight skills at one blow

Mind heal * 20 Completely heal yourself right in the middle of a battle!

* - May use on players equal or lower level than yourself.

Please understand that it takes 20 USER points to use the Mind Heal, if it takes 4 SKILL points to earn 1 USER point, you can see that you have to guess 80 times CORRECTLY to achieve 1 use of the mind heal. It will take time and a lot of patience. You will be learning some very powerful magic and used with your sword attacks, you will be able to stand your ground and most likely be successful in killing players one or more levels higher than you. Use common sense though, know when to take off if that player or forest guardian you are attacking is doing severe damage no matter what you throw at them. Remember, there are two forms of the magic skill that you are allowed to use when battling a player on the same level as you, or lower. It is the LIGHT SHIELD, and the MIND HEAL. This is another aspect of this profession that makes it far superior to the other two in my opinion.

10/11/02 Note: In LORD v4.06/4.07 beta, the number of Mystic Use Points for a player matches what they have amassed in Mystic Skill Points. If they are pursuing Mystical Skills, then use points are incremented by 1. The actual Use points you can have can also be affected by various LORD IGMs. Without interaction by IGMs (or LADY Scripts - LORD 4.05pb+), one has to have 19+ Mystic Skill points, and 20+ Mystic Use points, before he/she may use the Mind Heal technique.

10/15/02 Note: In the case of Light Shield usage, it only is in effect during a single Fight. Just like the effect of Mind Heal is a one-time event. But a FULL Master Mage can use Mind Heal during a game day up to 5 times (without replenishment of Use points via IGMs). But any fight that requires more than one Mind Healing is probably one that you should use Disappear to escape safely from.

Death Knight

The moment is upon you, you are led to the dungeon by the Death Knights, the prisoner is there and it is up to you to declare his guilt or innocents. Choose wisely and you either free an innocent man or you call down the death penalty upon a heinous criminal, choose poorly and the opposite is true. This is also a hard to achieve skill, but unlike the Mystic skill that gives you six chances to nail it down, you have a fifty- fifty chance, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Unless you have a little ESP going for you, you can only hope that your best guess is THE guess. The grizzled warriors tell many rumors at the DARK CLOAK TAVERN about this one! It's hard to know who or what to believe, if any. I've heard them all and tried them all, and I have not found one anymore successful than the other. There is the odd day of the month rumor, select the odd number on odd days, even day even number. It is even being stated that you should look at the stat screen by pressing "1" at the main menu and see how many days the game has been running. Then select "2" if it has been running an even amount of days, and "1" if it's run an odd number of days. Then there is the "formula" I use, press "1" OR "2" EVERY time, it has to give it to you at least every 4th or 5th time. (It says here in very small print!!) Kj Radkey, the co-author of Castle ColdDrake, swears by her formula. She says that if she guesses it wrong the first time, then she will guess the other option the next time. She's a powerhouse of a L.O.R.D. player so I'm giving her suggestion serious consideration!

I hope you see my point though, everyone has their own way and they are all as good as the next persons. Only through trial and error will you find what works for you, and you may come up with something that no one's thought of! By all means, if you have a theory, work it, and then come and tell Kj and me!!

Some players start out by getting a little of all of the skills starting with Thieving skills simply because it's so easy to obtain. Stay with it long enough to have three user skills and at the lower levels, it makes a fairly good addition to your weapon. Some players like to start with the Mystic skill because it does take a lot more time and effort to get the skill points, then transfer to the Thieving or Death Knight profession. Regardless of which skill you choose to go for first, you will work long and hard to MASTER it. Once the lessons are completed, you will have twenty USER points and the initial of your chosen profession will be to the side of your name on the roster in color code. To become a MASTER Mage, you must do it twenty more times and then you will have a white "M" next to your name on the roster. Once you have MASTERED magic your Master will tell you that he can no longer teach you anything and offer the selections for you to choose another skill to work on.

At any time in the game you can change your skill by going to the DARK CLOAK TAVERN and talking to Chance the barkeep. He will present you with the same choices to select from as you had the first time you entered the game. It's also wise to keep in mind that certain IGM's cater to certain professions, with a horse you can take advantage of all three that are offered, if you have the time to run back and forth to the DARK CLOAK TAVERN to change your skill. I don't consider this cheating, I consider it "maximum utilization of available resources." {G}

You will not (usually) master a skill the first trip through the levels on your way to killing the dragon. This is one of the reasons there are the HEROIC DEEDS. By the time you are ready to kill the dragon for the 10th time to become the HERO OF THE REALM, you will not only have completed all your lessons in each profession, you will have MASTERED them. Once you have become a MASTER in all three skills, you may choose the one you prefer to be for the rest of the game. I generally choose to be a Death Knight, because when you meet them in the forest, they will not only give you an extra user skill for the day, they will refill your hit points. The other 2 will give you another use (or uses) of your skill for that day, but they do not refill your hit points.

As you work on your skills throughout your adventure from level 1 to level 12, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that these skills will stay with you even after you have slain the dragon and started over as a lowly level one. Each time you slay the dragon and start over, you become a much more dangerous warrior. Because you not only are armed and armored, you have the Skills previously learned as well.

by Kiteria -- updated 5/9/97 ROMANCE WITH OTHER WARRIORS

One of the more pleasurable aspects of playing the Door Game LEGEND OF the RED DRAGON, is the "ROMANTIC MAIL" option. It's nice to have someone to share your adventure with, to know that someone is ready to fund you gold if you need it, hit an enemy for you, and share your Heart Shaped Bed. Please remember this is a "role playing game".

You have the opportunity to leave yourself and the real world behind for awhile and become a sword wielding warrior. If you happen to exchange "real life" information with a person it should have no bearing on how you play your character. This is a feature of the game that helps to give it variety and continue to keep it exciting from realm to realm.


A wise warrior will never ask the object of their desires to hop into the Heart Shaped Bed without making some kind of introduction first. Even if you know them from another game, you are in a new realm and that means this it is a new beginning. Some couples like to stay together from board to board, some don't. For the pleasure of the game, and the relationship, do not take it for granted that you will be a couple everywhere. After all, this is a game that throws different people together, under different circumstances. Courting is one of the pleasurable parts of the game, getting to know each other as your character and playing the part, as yourself, or both.

When you look at your Stats, you see that your charm is listed. If you are just starting out, it is at 0, you will need to build it up before you are ready to do any flirting with Violet, Seth or another player. When you flirt with Violet or Seth, you get immediate results, not so with your human counter part. If you have low charm and you go for the big one on Violet or Seth, they are going to slam you hard. Violet will kick the guys, and Seth will insult the ladies. Neither are pleasant experiences and your humiliation is reported in the Daily News.


As you are busily fighting for your life in the forest, an Old Man will come upon you. He is lost and confused and requests that you take him to the Dark Cloak Tavern. If you say yes, you will give up a forest fight but he will reward you with 1 to 5 charm points and a bit of gold for your kindness. This old bugger carries an "UGLY STICK" and will hit you with it from time to time and take away charm points. Since it seems like it takes forever to get 100 charm points this will be frustrating. Just take it in stride, after you have a high amount of charm, you can get your revenge by refusing to take him to the Inn.

In the game of L.O.R.D., your charm is also a gauge of how much influence you have with the Innkeeper, and the Weapon and Armor dealers. The bartender will offer you a free room if your charm is OVER 100, and the higher your charm the more the shop-keepers are willing to negotiate a higher price for the purchase of your used equipment.


You have in mind another warrior that you would like to get to know and you are ready to drop them a line. You will select 'W' at the Town Square (Main Menu) for Write Mail. At this section you can write romantic mail or regular mail, if you choose to write romantic mail then type a "Y" at the query of "Do you want to write romantic mail?" Here is a brief explanation of what you are going to see and the decisions you will need to consider.

1. His/Her Charm Rating is 71. This is their standing with the "SETH CHARM-O-METER" as I like to call it. If a warrior's charm is not high, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to be turned down if you make advances.

2. A one line descriptive statement.


(Males) "He makes Stallone look like he needs to workout". (Female) "She is a sweet package of trusting beauty". This information can also be found by pushing "1" at the Town Square (Main Menu). It will say this is what the people around town are saying about you. In this role playing game, it is just a way of getting information to you, please don't get paranoid, no one is really talking about you.

3. (N)ever mind. Believe it or not, this is a great option!! You can check the charm of as many people as you would like (opposite sex of course). It does not cost any of your gold to obtain this information. If you don't like what you see, just type "N" to bail out.

4. (F)latter Him/Her This is a great ice breaker! It is always nice to know that someone has noticed you, and this is a grand way to say hello and that you have seen something admirable about this person.

5. (A)sk for a Kiss Another excellent ice breaker, it won't hurt if you get shot down, and it will allow the gleam in your eye to see that you are romantically inclined.

6. (B)uy Him/Her Dinner There is nothing like a candle-lit supper with the one who has stolen your heart. At this point, this is where you can lose experience if you are turned down. There is no loss if you are ignored for the first two, but for this one and the next, you are gambling more than just your pride.

7. (I)nvite Him/Her to Your Room at the Inn This is the big one, this is the one that can make you crazy if you are rejected, as well as lose some of your experience. Try not to take it too personal, after all it's just a game, and not everyone sees you as the great warrior that you are. If you have followed the advice of this author and tested the waters first, you will know who is, and who is not interested in sharing the Heart Shaped Bed with you.

8. (P)ropose to Him/Her (You will not have the benefit of this option until you have 100 charm points.) This option should not be taken lightly, you are asking someone to include you into their game, just as you are telling them you would like to make them a part of yours. The penalty for a failed marriage in the L.O.R.D. game is a drop in charm for both, down to 50. Note: This was corrected in LORD v4.0x to a drop of 50 percent in Charm points.


Along with the option to Propose, OUR CREATOR saw the need for warriors to know who was "taken" and who was available. You will find it at the Town Square (Main Menu), and it is a record of who is married to whom. It is called the CONJUGALITY LIST, which means: to join together. In other words, those warriors who are married and are not available. Before you start your adventure of finding that Mr. or Ms. Right, check the CONJUGALITY LIST first and save yourself the trouble of being turned down. This doesn't necessarily mean that the married person can't be approached, they can, but remember the odds are not in your favor. Many single warriors have stolen the love of a married warrior. Your charming personality will help you as well as a lot of discretion, if you intend to sweet talk a married player out of their present relationship!


After you have written your romantic mail and shipped it off on the wings of love, you wait. Your heart's desire receives the mail the next time they enter the realm, reads it and returns the answer for you to read upon your next arrival to the realm. There are two choices for the recipient of your romantic mail to select from: "Yes" or "No". If your love interest has said "yes", you meet in the room at the Inn, the time you share is brief and special, and you both will receive a nice sum of Experience points. The event is recorded for the Daily News, and all the realm knows that the two of you shared the Heart Shaped Bed. If the answer is "no", you are snubbed, the recipient has laughed in your face. Your snubbing is recorded for the Daily News and you have lost a small amount of experience. If this is the case just remember what the original Bard said, "Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all".

We will cover romancing and marriage with Seth and Violet in the next article. I hope that you have been enjoying my articles and found them to be beneficial. Suzanne.

Article written by Kiteria -- updated 5/9/97 THE HANDSOME BARD, AND THE BEAUTIFUL BAR MAID

So far we have discussed human interaction, now we shall discuss what you can expect from the two computer generated characters, Seth, and Violet. Both of these characters are similar to their human counterparts in that they also do not appreciate being jumped upon. They don't object to flirting, and will accept the flirts of all warriors, but they appreciate it when you start out slow with them just as you would another player. Here are the lists of options that you will see, and the charm points needed for each.



Wink 1 charm 5 times your level in experience points

Kiss her hand 2 charm 10 times your level in experience points

Peck Her on the Lips 4 charm 20 times your level in experience points

Sit Her On Your Lap 8 charm 30 times your level in experience points

Grab Her Backside 16 charm 40 times your level in experience points

Carry Her Upstairs 32 charm 40 times your level in experience points

Marry Her 100 charm 1000 times your level in experience points



Wink 1 charm 5 times your level in experience points

Flutter Eyelashes 2 charm 10 times your level in experience points

Drop Hanky 4 charm 20 times your level in experience points

Ask the Bard to buy You a drink 8 charm 30 times your level in experience points

Kiss the Bard Soundly 16 charm 40 times your level in experience points

Completely seduce the Bard 32 charm 40 times your level in experience points

Marry Him 125 charm Nothing

Why do you not receive any experience when you marry Seth? Good question! BUT, knowing Seth he probably feels that the honor of being married to the greatest catch in the realm is reward in itself.

Neither Violet or Seth will visit the Heart Shaped Bed with a person married to another. Violet will tell the guys they are a "Dirty Old Man", and Seth, well Seth is just plain NASTY!! You will NOT like what he calls a married warrior who inadvertently or otherwise asks him to the Heart Shaped Bed! As usual, both of these encounters are recorded in the Daily News.


A marriage to Violet, Turgon's fair daughter, is an excellent source of having children, which is of course another forest fight for each child born. There are rules that are best followed when married to Violet to keep her happy and making babies for you. Do not flirt in any way with another female, nor can you accept a flirt. She doesn't appreciate it when you have a little meeting even with another NPC from an IGM. If it moves your score on the Old Man's Table, and she was not the one to do it, she will either divorce you, or not give you a baby for that day. You must increase your charm daily, you will lose up to 5 charm points each day you are married to Violet. Unfortunately your marriage to Violet will be over in a week or so, I've heard of the marriage lasting longer than that, but I assume it is rare. Upon your divorce from Violet your charm will drop to 50.

LORD v4.0x Note: When players divorce each other, or have a divorce with Seth/Violet, your charm drops to 50 percent of what you had.


The singing Bard, who is so wonderful that at times he has even been known to double your gold in the bank by singing to you, is THE catch of a lifetime. As Seth's wife you are also under the same rules that apply to Violet's husband. Seth does allow his wife to visit him at work and he will allow you to flirt with him, but he doesn't feel you should do it often. If you flirt too much, you make this stud "unhappy".

The joy of being married to Seth is the forest fights you get for each baby born. If you stay out of the clutches of other males, IGM's included, Seth will bless you with a bundle of joy every day. If Seth is not happy, he will not tell you why, and neither will he give you a baby.

If you have enough charm, and have not been with any one else, your wedding will be classified as a "White Wedding", and it will be rewarding. You will receive 5,000 experience points, the envy and respect of the other warriors, and the announcement in the Daily News of the rare event. 10/15/02 Note: This also applies to regular player marriages, where you have zero Lays, and are virginal.

Another fun way of flirting with Seth is if he is married to another and you choose to flirt with him anyway. If your charm is high enough you can make him "Falter". I cannot give you a specific number needed because it varies, but if you succeed in making Seth falter, you will receive a nice chunk of experience points and the incident will be written into the Daily News. His wife will be sent a message that another woman has successfully flirted with her husband.

A warrior that can make Seth falter is a stunning beauty indeed! Before attempting this, I suggest finding out what his present wives' charm is and then get 250 more. If he tells you that you are X number of charm points away from even being considered a woman, that is a hint as to how much more charm you need. If he tells you that you are silly, you are being told that you are so far away from having enough charm that it is funny. If you are playing a game with IGM's where you can purchase charm you can have a good time playing around with some of these little known "female" features.

One thing you should know before you take the big step with Seth, he does not take to divorce lightly. When you and Seth divorce your charm will drop to 30 and it won't bother him one bit. He'll be back to flirting with, and marrying other warrior maiden's in a heartbeat. 10/15/02 Note: Under LORD v4.05pb+, the player's charm is dropped by 50 percent instead of being dropped to 30 (for females) or 50 (for males).

Now I ask you, did you ever think there was so much involved in "Writing Romantic Mail"? It just goes to show that there is much more to the game LEGEND of the RED DRAGON, than what you see on the surface.

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