The Buzzard:
It appears there's a great deal of confusion surrounding the Buzzard in the forest...
Sketch of Buzzard

IYDK, the Buzzard arrives in the forest and snatches all your in-hand gold when you press the "B" key. This only works in the new version of LORD; if you press "B" and nothing happens, you know you're playing an earlier version of LORD.

... 1. "What does the Buzzard do with my gold, after he grabs it?"

The Buzzard flies to the Bank with your money and puts it in your account.

... 2. "You mean the Buzzard doesn't steal my gold?"


... 3. "How do I know you not lying to me, wanting me to lose gold?"

You don't; but you can see for yourself.

(a) Go to the Bank, deposit any in-hand money, see your total, write it down.

(b) Go to the forest, fight 1 monster(win), see money in-hand.

(c) Press the "B" key (The letter B) The Buzzard will grab money.

(d) Go to the bank, subtract the number you wrote down, from the NEW total in the bank. The difference will be the money the Buzzard deposited for you...!

... 4. "Why should I bother with the Buzzard, I don't even like KFC?"

Unlike chicken, the Buzzard isn't for eating... If you're afraid you will be killed in the forest, and want to play-safe after every fight by putting your money in the Bank; you can save time by having Seth's Winged Messenger deliver it for you.

... 5. "Sounds good, but there must be more to it?"

You don't miss a trick! The REAL reason people "do" the Buzzard, is because of the hints OLIVIA gives you when you Get-Inside-Her-Head. She tells you where the princess is kept prisoner, so if you get the chance to save her, you don't have to guess which of the 5 places she is hidden.

... 6. "D'Uh, I know that; what's the Buzzard got to do with it?"

Once OLIVIA tells you where to save the princess, if you leave the forest, the princess is moved and OLIVIA's hint is useless.

... 7. "You mean, don't leave the forest once OLIVIA talks?"

Once OLIVIA tells you where to find the princess, don't leave The forest until you have saved the princess and got your reward, or you've run out of forest fights trying! Use the Buzzard to put your money in the bank instead; this way you can play-safe, and still have a better shot at saving the princess...

... 8. "Do you know other stuff about LORD?"

Yes, there are two secrets to LORD, the first one is:

This was written by Jim Burmeister Of The Jim Joint (1:134/190.5)


LORD Teams
Red Dragon in Cave

First off, if you want to make a LORD team to just make a rivalry, boost your ego, unfairly dominate a game, help others cheat, give money to new users and tell them dirty ways to play, and so on, STOP. None of what follows will interest you!

If you want to make a team to stop some ego-powered twerp, help new users with tips, and then money, stop cheating, or to just have a good time without trying to rule a game, please read on.

The first thing you should do before making a team is to make sure you have met the above requirements, you know how to play the game fairly well, make sure there are enough players that your team will only be a tiny part of the game. If their is some problems with cheating, unfair play, etc. first contact the SysOp before doing anything, he/she may stop the problem without any problems with teams.

If you are not sure if your team is needed read on and decide if it fits what this all says.

Now you need a name, and a sign for your team. My team was/is the Lord Union "lu" and its symbol is a ~ in the front and back of your name {don't use this for your team BTW} make sure your name isn't after you, or about yourself and that it wont offend anyone. The symbol to identify your people should be something nobody is using {don't say its your symbol, change your name NOW. It was his/her first} and make sure it is easy to type out so when people write mail, it wont be to hard {don't use !?*@*~- Ender++} just make it simple, and not like anyone else's. If after a while your team finds someone new with your symbol, kindly ask them to change it a little bit, and give them money to. Different colors for the name and symbol makes it look nice {mine is ~Ender~ with the name and the ~ in the different shades of blue}

Once you make sure everything is set up, you have to find some folks. Don't just say in the daily announcements "Everybody join my team, just add a ~ in the front and back of your name" Either ask your friends, or make an announcement saying to apply, and just talk to the folks and find out if they will work. Soon you will have enough members to be a respectable team. Make sure some of you are powerful enough not to be pushed around, or nobody will care what you do {one should be level 12 or the highest level attained yet if its a new game, preferably that person is you.}

Now you finally have a team! Now its time to decide what you stand for. Well here are three basic rules that should help, remember never forget why you formed the team, explain to each member why. These rules were not originally made by me, but by a fella named archangel {who used to be in charge of what was the old LU, except for rule number 1}

1) Always play honorably and fairly, help all new players out, for you were once new to.

2) If someone kills a member of your team, and you can kill that person, do it IF it was done against the team. Remember in LORD people kill all the time. If you need to stop a evil team, kill the members, but only the members.

3) If a fellow member needs money, give all you can afford.

These rules should make sure your team wont die out in one day, but will be fair and nice to everyone.

Finally, when the problem is solved {the evil team disbands, the cheaters leave, the new folks stop coming for now, your little group has turned evil} wait a week or two. If the problem is still gone, disband your team, remember, it was not meant for you to succeed, but for the game. Keep in mind who was on it for the next crisis, and always remember what the team is for. If the problems expand to other boards, follow them. Start a mini cold war and start chapters before they come along, as long as you stop when their is no more problem.

All of this comes from the experience of the head of the LU, Maryland's {or at least Montgomery county and D.C.'s} oldest surviving team {with only 1 member since there is no cause for now} all warnings are made from the mistakes and bumbling moves made by its leader, so don't feel bad if you find you've done the same in the past. (We all get power-hungry sometimes).

Girl with Red Dragon
*** Hints on how to lose ***
*** gracefully at L.O.R.D. ***

If you're going to play a game, learn the rules.
Then learn how to use them.

The Role-Playing Game, Legend Of the Red Dragon (LORD), designed and crafted by Seth Able Robinson, is a fascinating game, painstakingly cobbled. But many of its nuances are not immediately visible to the casual player.

This compendium assumes the reader has a nodding knowledge of the game, and wishes to improve performance.

None of the following is cheating. It is merely understanding the game, and applying the rules to your advantage.

Most of the material in the pages to come, flows from the author's Experience in playing LORD on many BBS's, and on a Local-mode set-up on his home computer. Credit is gratefully given to the following players who have made the game more enjoyable:

Bethanne, formerly on the Hyper City BBS -- The Great Knight, of The Studio BBS
Catwoman, formerly on the Hyper City BBS -- K.J. Radkey, posting in the FIDOnet LORD echo

Loyd Bulmur, Toronto, CANADA -


The selection of a skill is very important. Although it is done at the player's entry into LORD, it can (and should) be changed periodically.

Mystical skills are the strongest of the three categories. But they are also the most difficult to acquire. The player should either select the Mystical 'profession' at first entry, or change to it at an early stage of play. It is almost essential to have high Mystical skill uses in order to slay the Red Dragon. Entering the profession at an early stage gives the player the opportunity to attain a high level of proficiency before Level 12 is gained.

Death Knight skills are the next best. They are slightly easier to obtain than Mystical, but they carry only about half the clout of Mystical.

Thieving skills are the easiest to get, but are the weakest. They should be used only to defeat monsters in Forest Fights. They are next-to- useless in Player fights, and Red Dragon hunting.

The Mystical Skills:

(1) Pinch - Similar to using your sword
(4) Disappear - Useful to get out of a tight corner
(8) Heat Wave - Equivalent to a Death Knight punch
(12) Light Shield - Impact of opponent's next blow is cut in half
(16) Shatter - Equivalent to two Death Knight punches
(20 Mind Heal - Restores your Hit Points to maximum

(NB: does not increment to over-scale such as obtained with the JENNIE-HOTT code.)

How To Save Your Gold:

One of the banes of many players is that, when they are regenerated to Level 1 after slaying the Red Dragon, all but 500 Gold is lost. There are some basic ways around that. This file covers four methods. The first one requires the assistance of an ally. The second and third methods involve usage of the LORD IGMs Kiteria's Lord Bank or The Pawn Shop. The fourth method is to use the LADY code in the Forest when you talk to Jennie. You get 1,000 Gold Coins times game level. At Level 1, that is enough to buy a Dagger at the Weapons Shop. The dagger's purchase increases your chances of surviving a Level 1 monster fight. Updated on 04/03/2005.

Method #1: Make a pact with another player. Before you attack the Red Dragon, transfer all your gold to that ally, with the understanding that the ally will transfer the gold back to you. You can point out to the ally that s/he will earn interest on the gold, and I suggest that the terms of the pact allow the holder to keep that interest.

Danger: should the ally double-cross you and refuse to return the gold, you have no way of recovering it.

Method #2: Only works if (a) your sysop has installed my LORD IGM Kiteria's LORD Bank. And if (b) you have deposited Gold and Gems in your igm bank accounts. If both conditions apply to you, then all you need to do is to return to the IGM and withdraw as much Gold and Gems as you need. There are a few other IGMs still in use that have alternative banks as well. Such as Lord Suburbia and Village of the Phoenix, to name two. Added 04/03/2005.

Method #3: Only works if (a) your sysop has installed my LORD IGM The Pawn Shop (which I maintain for Chris MacPherson). (B) you must have access to the shop's vault. You do if you are the shop owner, or are married to the player who owns the shop. If neither of those apply, you can try robbing the Pawn Shop, but you risk being severely beaten if you are caught. There are various other IGMs in use, which allow you to rob them and get Gold, such as my IGM Hiding in the Shadows. In all cases though, igms either beat you nearly to death or they kill you if you are captured during a robbery. So this method should be used with GREAT caution. Added 04/03/2005.

One of the most daring feats in LORD is to set up a partnership. Not only for retaining gold, but for terrorizing other players. One of the more complicated I have seen was a four-player partnership which worked in this way:

PLAYER-1 got to Level 10 and stayed there.
PLAYER-2 got to Level 8 and stayed there.
PLAYER-3 got to Level 6 and stayed there.
PLAYER-4 got to Level 4 and stayed there.

The sequence was that PLAYER-4 would log-on first, do the Forest Fights, and slaughter all other players possible at levels 3, 2 and 1. PLAYER-4 would then Bank-Transfer all gold to PLAYER-1, then <Q>uit the Realm.

PLAYER-3 would then enter the Realm, do the Forest Fights, slaughter Level 5 and 4 players (including PLAYER-4), Bank-Transfer all gold to PLAYER-1, then <Q>uit the Realm.

PLAYER-2 would repeat the process.

The key to this was that the members of the consortium had to log-on to the BBS in sequence: 4-3-2-1. But once in place, it was next-to-impossible for an independent player to rise through the ranks to Level 12 and fight the Red Dragon.

Every couple of weeks, the PLAYERS would change positions, so each of them had a shot at being top dog.

Because there are so many Inner Game Modules available, and since authors are continually updating and improving them, no attempt is made to include any hints on them.


A player who reaches Level 12, should always attack the Red Dragon forthwith. A player killed by the Red Dragon loses only Gold-in-Hand, no Experience points such as would be lost if slain by a monster in the Forest, or by another player.

The game-day on which the Red Dragon is slain, the player gets an extra <R>omantic mail to send, provided that you have already sent a love letter earlier that day.

If your character is a Thief and you happen to have a Fairy to spare, go into the bank and type "2", without quotes. The amount you "steal" will vary and may not amount to much, but it's a good use for a leftover Fairy! FYI Fact: If you have access to the Free World IGM, don't try to rob the LORD Bank. Go immediately into Free World and start searching. One of the IGM events pays FIVE Million Gold for a Fairy. That is one of the best uses for a Fairy there is. Updated 04/03/05.

To increase your chances of having the Bard double your money in the bank, don't pay him a visit until you've fought at least two monsters in the Forest. This will only work occasionally.

To increase your chances of executing a power move in the forest, type "P" there.

To get a short story-poem by Seth, press "S" from the entrance menu.

To check the game stats and find out what's being said about you when you flirt, press 1 from the Town Square. This also shows how much gold you can transfer at a time, per day.

In LORD version 3.50 and higher, pressing B in the Forest will cause a vulture/buzzard to take your gold and deposit it in the Bank.

To learn about your enemies, you can always check with Chance the barkeeper at the DARK CLOAK TAVERN. For two gems he will tell you about your "enemies" weapon/strength, armour/ defense, how much gold they have, and how many gems. It doesn't tell you what that persons hitpoints are, but that's where you weigh the pros & cons after looking at the other stuff. If you have access to The Pawn Shop IGM, you can pay some Gems to Blackey and learn a lot more about an enemy. Updated 04/03/05.

When fighting monsters in the Forest, periodically you are approached by an old witch (hag) asking for a gem. If you are at less-than-maximum Hit Points, she will heal you in return for one gem. If you already are at maximum Hit Points, she will increase your Hit Points by one. This is 50 per cent cheaper than what the Bartender charges for increasing your Hit Points. If you don't have any gems but still say yes to the old witch, your Hit Points will be reduced to 1.

Strategy and Tactics:

While there are many strategies and tactics, here is one of the more common: When you have a choice between offense and defense, defense points (armor) will allow you to stay alive longer in battle, while strength points (weapons) only allow you to hit harder. The best weapon in the world won't help if a strong adversary gets a good hit on you, but you can always keep whacking away if your armor is good.

Here is a strategy from Jera Morrison as posted on the FIDOnet LORD echo:

You should stay at level 6 until you've got at least the ninth or 10th type of armor, or the monsters will trash you almost faster than you can gain XP. There seems to be a plateau at that level that you must be wary of crossing until you're sure you can survive. In addition, there are some monsters that it is simply cost-prohibitive to fight because it costs you more to get healed than you can receive from them. One of these is the Mystical Blast. He does so much damage with each attack (and seems to have a higher chance of getting power moves than most monsters) that unless you've got super-good armor and weapon, you are risking death with each encounter with him, and what gold you get from him is just about what you have to pay to get healed back. Therefore, when I run into him (or others like him, and there are several others), I follow the maxim about discretion being the better part of valor.

The Jennie Codes:

The JENNIE Codes, as of LORD v3.55, are:

BABE - extra forest fight LADY - gold (1000 x your level)
SEXY - extra user fight FOXY - one Gem
HOTT - temporary 25% increase in hit points
COOL - extra charm point if you are not at full hit points
DUNG - turned into a frog until you apologize
UGLY - kicked out; 1 hit point when you return
FAIR - lose your "player flirt" option for the day
DUMB, STAR, and NICE - apparently no effect

These codes work only when the character is in HIGH spirits, which is shown when the game is first entered. The character must be in the Forest, type jennie (do not press <ENTER>) and reply with whatever code you want.

The over-scale hit points disappear the following day, but are useful if you are one of the first players of the day, and you obtain them just before exiting. (A nasty surprise for some one who attacks you.)

How To Survive

It is wise, if you have the Gold, to take a Room at the Inn. The normal setting for being attacked in the Inn is no more than one Level down. Thus, a Level 1 player is immune from attack by any player Level 3 or higher. There are several LORD IGMs that allow you to sleep in them as well, which offer various protections. But always remember that those IGMs also usually allow someone a method to try to attack you in your sleep. Some IGMs such as The Pawn Shop also allow one player to pay to have other players evicted from the LORD Inn, or from whichever IGM they are sleeping in. Updated 04/03/05.

If you have not used your JENNIE-HOTT advantage, do this before retiring for the night. If you are attacked, the attacker may get more than was expected.

Having a Fairy in your pocket is no advantage while your are asleep. The Fairy disappears as soon as you exit the LORD game, or when you go to sleep in an IGM. To paraphrase an old adage: if you don't use it, you lose it. Updated 04/03/05.

Having a Horse doesn't help either, while asleep. Although both the Horse and the Fairy help in fighting monsters in the Forest, other players or the Red Dragon, those attributes are of no assistance if you are attacked while sleeping. In most IGMs, your having a horse has zero effect on your chance of surviving an attack while you sleep there. Updated 04/03/05.

If you have Children, they can try to protect you if you are attacked in your sleep in LORD. In IGMs, they usually are not factored into player fights at all. In LORD, the children may reduce the opponent's hit-points. It is possible, but unlikely, that such interventions can result in the attacker's death. Updated 04/03/05.

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon is the most powerful monster in LORD. But it has ONE major weakness: Mystical Skill attack.

The best combination that you can have when attacking the Red Dragon is a Fairy, a Horse, at least 40 Mystical Skills and Mystical Skill uses, at least four Death Knight Skills and Death Knight Skill uses, weapon-grade 10 (minimum) armour grade-10 (minimum) and 500 Hit Points. 04/03/05 Note: NEVER go into a fight with the Red Dragon while you are injured.

Assuming you have that combination, start with the Mystical Skill Shatter. Follow with a Death Knight. Another Death Knight. About this time, the Dragon will inflict enough damage on you that the Fairy will have to revive you. Another Death Knight should be next. Watch your Hit Points, and invoke the Mystical Skill Mind Heal, which restores you to full Hit Points (non-augmented if you had started with JENNIE-HOTT). One more Death Knight should finish off the Dragon, although you may have to use your normal Attack weapon around this time.

One of the easiest Dragon kills is if the Dragon attacks your Horse. Then, it's all over but the shouting, for the attack on the Horse automatically kills the Dragon, just as it does any monster you encounter in the Forest. 10/15/02: LORD v4.07 (beta) has been fixed to remove this situation. The dragons in mythology were never easily killed by a knight just because it killed their horse. Likewise, the Red Dragon is no longer affected by the Horse's death. So the "Death Crystal" event has been removed from the Dragon battle.

Dragon Taglines

Many of the following taglines were purloined from the prolific postings of KJ Radkey in the FIDOnet LORD echo.

"Aw, Ma! We had Thief for dinner LAST night!" --Red Dragon
"Hmm, lemme see, Dragon Handbook ... Red" <SCORCH>
"It's simple," mulled the dragon. "He who hesitates is lunch."
"Never trust anything you can eat." -- old dragon proverb
"Oh, a dragon is just a lizard that ate a Zippo..." <MUNCH!>
"Someone has to do something about the Red Dragon!" --Halder
...and never, ever cut a deal with a dragon.
1 Stick + 1 Coat = Red Dragon snack
A day without a dragon is ... MUCH SAFER!
A dragon a day keeps EVERYONE away ...
A dragon in the hand is worth five charred fingers ...
A dragon in time saves lighter fluid ...
A dragon with a can-opener. A knight's worst nightmare
A fool and his dragon are soon hoardless ...
A Red Dragon? Pass my marshmellows, please....
Always speak politely to an enraged dragon.
And the Red Dragon said, "Ho ho ho ...!"
Anything not coated with asbestos is a dragon toy.
Baby dragon to Momma dragon: Can I play with it now? Huh huh? Please!
Be advised: All red dragons have the right-of-way.
Call now & receive your FREE Belching Dragon Coloring Book!!
Cry, "Shhhh!" and slip quietly out the dragon's door ...
Death: The unfortunate side effect of attacking a dragon.
Don't irritate a dragon. Unless you WANT 3rd degree burns.
Dragon droppings, coal ... What's the difference?
Dragon Poker? But ... the Dragon always wins!
Dragon slayers wanted. No Experience expected.
Dragon slaying is a whole knight's work.
Dragon to knight: "Leaving so soon? It's almost lunchtime!"
Dragon? What Dragon? You said we were looking for a worm.
Dragons also like lady fingers.
Dragons aren't extinct, they just learned to hide in books.
Dragons aren't extinct, they've just learned to hide real well.
Dragons aren't the only species; they just act like it.
Dragons do it whenever they want.
Dragons do it with fire.
Dragons love you ... dipped in chocolate.
Dragons love you, you're crunchy and good with ketchup.
Dragons make great pets. Just put down LOTS of newspaper.
Dragons work for scale.
Dragons: Cuddly Flamethrowers.
Dragons: Friendly Toasters.
Dragonslayer needed. Immediate position available.
Famous Last Words: "But it's only a LITTLE Red Dragon ..."
Famous Last Words: "Hey, Dragon -- got a light?"
Famous Last Words: "I Think The Dragon Is Asleep".
Famous last words: "Watch me goose that sleeping dragon!"
Famous Last Words: Dragon, what dragon?
Fear not, brave knight ... unless the dragon stops purring.
Gosh, I bet that dragon bite really smarts!
Have you hugged your dragon today?
He who hesitates ... is dragon fodder.
He's a dragon...that means we only have to pay him Scale.
Heat outer skin to cherry, peel, and eat! --dragon cookbook
Hmmm, that's funny -- I don't remember ordering a dragon.
How many hitpoints does being sat on by the Red Dragon cost?
How much for the dragon in the window?
I am a dragon. You are not a dragon. Any questions?
I gotta go find and kill the Red WHAT, Turgon?!?
I HATES Dragons! -- Yosemite Sam
I went ... I found the Dragon ... I got toasted.
I'd like to see you dismount the dragon and say that!
I'd rather be aloft on dragon wings ...
If I have to choose between Seth and the dragon, I'll take the dragon!
If you'll bring the marshmallows, I'll bring the dragon!
Just remember, Sometimes the dragon wins.
Love me, love my dragon.
Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy.
Naughty dragon? YOU spank him!!!
Never anger a dragon, for you are crunchy and go well with brie.
Never argue with a dragon or a SYSOP.
Never ask a Red Dragon if he has a light.
Never battle a dragon in his own lair.
Never hold a belching contest with a dragon.
Never stand in front of a sneezing dragon.
Never trust a smiling dragon picking its teeth with a two-handed sword
NEW from Ralston Purina: Maiden-flavored Dragon Chow ...
NO!!! DON'T scratch the dragon's bel~!@#$%^NO CARRIER
PALADIN 4 HIRE: Dragons Rescued...Maidens Slain...errrr...
Power corrupts. Absolute power is for dragons.
Red Dragon Taxi Service: Cheap Forest Rates, One Way Only
Science asks how. Philosophy asks why. Dragons don't care.
Score at the half: Dragons 21 - Newbies 0.
Slaying foul maidens and rescuing fair dragons!
Staring into a dragon's jaws, one quickly learns wisdom.
Stay low, conserve ammo, and never deal with a Dragon.
Strip Poker is OUT! I'VE seen the dragon naked; YOU haven't!
That dragon's a wuss ... a wimp ... Uh, behind me, isn't he?
The dragon made me do it.
The light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming dragon.
There are no dragons, here we call 'em gators
Those who live by the sword die by dragon breath.
Todays special Dragon a'l Orange' with Purple Monchichi sauce...
Wanna help me feed my dragon? <evil grin>
What Sandtiger SHOULD sell is a FEMALE Red Dragon!
When waking a dragon, use a very long stick.
Whoa, Dragon. I SAY WHOA DRAGON!!! -- Yosemite Sam
Why do dragons sleep during the day? So they can fight knights.
You can't soar with Dragons if you work with gargoyles.


Here is a typical entry from the PLAYER.DAT file. -- Account Number: 1

(1) Name: Powerful Pierre (2) Level: 9
(3) Real Name: LOYD BULMUR (4) Hit Points: 624
(5) Experience: 403902 (6) Hit Max: 624
(7) Weapon: Spear Of Gold (8) Weapon Num: 11
(9) Seen Master: No! (0) Fights Day: 18
(A) Fights Human: 3 (B) Sex: MALE
(C) Defence: 439 (D) Gems: 0
(E) Strength: 722 (F) Charm: 51
(G) Seen Dragon?: No! (H) SeenViolet: No!
(I) Class?: Mystical Skills (J) Times Won: 0
(K) Armour: Full Body Armour (L) Armour Num: 10
(M) Player Dead?: No! (N) StayingInn: No!
(O) Gold: 0 (P) Seen Bard?: No!
(R) Gold In Bank: 3861100 (S) Times Laid: 7
(T) Player Kills: 11 (U) Flirted Player?: Not yet.
(Z) Married to: -1 (,) Horse: TRUE
(!) High spirits?: Yes (@) Kids: 0
Last Time On: 47 Last Resurrection: 47

(X) Delete 'em (W) Search By Name ($) Edit Skills
(]) Advance One ([) Back Up One (*) New Day For User

Input key to change, or Q to quit and save.


(1) Death Knight Skills: NONE (2) Uses Today: (0)
(3) The Mystical Skills: 12 (4) Use Points: (13)
(5) The Thieving Skills: 1 (6) Uses Today: (0)

Input key to change, or Q to quit and save.

How to save your marriage (to Violet or Seth Able)

A male needs a minimum of 100 Charm Points in order to marry Violet. A lady needs at least 125 Charm Points to wed Seth Able, the Bard. Upon divorce, the male's Charm is reduced to 50, while the female's Charm is reduced to 30. 10/15/02: LORD v4.05pb+ drops the player's charm by 50 percent during a divorce.

In order to preserve the marriage, the player must increase his/her Charm Points each game-day. Failure to do so will result in a divorce. 04/03/05 Note: The NPC Marriage may last a few days or several days, but eventually it always end in the NPC divorcing you.

Have phun(TM) and's just a game! © 1996-97 Suzanne Franklin

LORD v4.0x Note: Some features of Lord were changed by Seth Robinson and Michael Preslar. Those changes are briefly referred to in the Lord Updates Page on this site. One Jennie code was added in v4.05, and one dropped. Player Divorce changes: your charm now drops 50%, instead of to 50 points. Players are no longer allowed to divorce someone, and then marry another on the same day. 04/03/05: The Red Dragon can only be attacked ONE time per day in LORD v4.07 beta, as of mid/late 2004.

Seth fighting the Red Dragon
The Twenty Types of Legend of the
Red Dragon (LORD) Players:
Author: Michael Xavier Maelstrom.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
The LORD Player Types:

1. The *Real* L.O.R.D player - Sits at PC in home-fashioned suit of armor with long-sword unsheathed.

2. The *Real* L.O.R.D "role" player - always disrobes whenever she/he receives Romantic mail.

3. The L.O.R.D experience-hungry flirt - "OK, I've slept with all the Females and raked in 200,000 exp, how do I change my sex so I can flirt with all the males too!!"

4. The Way Powerful - "and then the Sysop used the Monster editor and Able's Minion did a piddling 26890909090309430340943093 damage. HOHOHOHEHEHEHAHAHA"

5. The Way Stupid - "Finally! Someone at level 12 logged on! I'm gonna kill them with my stick in an online duel, chaaarge!"

6. The Way Stupid (Part Deux) - "Alright! Someone at level 12 logged on! I'm gonna kill them with my stick in an online duel because I have 99 children! Chaaaaaaarge!"

7. The Massive Coward - "Oh No! A Tree! Run Away, Run Away!"

8. The Newbie - "What happens if I try to fight myself in an online duel?"

9. The Idiot Savant - "Come on, Kill me, I dare you! I'm the bestest!!!!"

10. The Paranoid Idiot Savant - "then I hit B in the forest and the Sysop stole all my gold!!!"

11. The Suck-Up Newbie - "If you don't kill me I'll send you 500 gold!!"

12. The IGM Cheater - "F", "L", Enter, "R", "T", "A", advances 1 level, (repeats 11 times) "S", Kills Dragon.

13. The IGM Cheat Whiner - Repeats steps in 12, "Whadaya mean I can't kill the dragon again today, I still have 400 turns left!!!!!"

14. The Not-Used-To-IGMs Whiner (Part 1) - "IGM cheaters are bad players!"

15. The Not-Used-To-IGMs Whiner (Part 2) - "Hi everyone in the L.O.R.D echo, how do you cheat in the following IGMs! "

16. The Not-Used-To-IGMS-Whiner becomes IGM-Cheat-Player `dawning rational': "Yeh, I know I used to say Cheating was bad, but.."

17. The Pseudo Megalomaniac - Sits at level 12 with 2 billion experience just to show everyone s/he's the best.

18. The Megalomaniac-Hater - Complains that only kiddies sit at level 12 with 2 billion experience to show off.

19. The *Real* Megalomaniac - Sits at level 12 with 2 billion experience the Sysop changes the win kills from 10 to 4 s/he has 1 kill, the Megalomaniac-hater has 3 kills. 3 days later the Megalomaniac has killed the Megalomaniac-Hater and won the game.

20. The Ultimate L.O.R.D Player - Sit, Red Dragon, Sit. Good Boy.


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