L. O. R. D. Legend of the Red Dragon
A role playing game created by Seth Able Robinson.

Legend of the Red Dragon or L.O.R.D. as it has affectionately come to be known, is one of the most popular games on the Bulletin Boards today. The primary purpose Seth had in mind was to attract users to his message base. Little did Seth realize what true purpose his creation would serve. What is that you ask? Simply stated, the chance we all desire, to forget the daily grind for a while and be swept away into another world. Where luscious swordswomen and barmaids can innocently be flirted with as well as handsome swordsmen and singing bards. A place where forest guardians are slain by swordfighters who yearn to be the Hero of the Realm. Dreamers who keep their eye on the ultimate goal of slaying a dragon. As the use of the Bulletin Boards grew, so did the Legend of the Red Dragon. Seth was ever improving and updating, fixing details that made the game more interesting and easier to play. Now we have a version that is so finely honed that it is the place everyone with a computer wants to be. The game is at a level now that a lot of people need help. They are looking for some fresh ideas.

Some answers to questions such as "can I really rob the bank, and which do I increase with my gem's first, hit points, strength, or defense"? There are many more questions, which bring us to the purpose of these articles. I hope to be able to answer all your questions and give you insightful information that will make the game a pleasure for you that its creator originally intended it to be. As to robbing the bank, yes you can do that. You must be a thief, and have a fairy. Then you go to the bank press "2" and the fairy will pop out and pick the lock for you. You will receive an amount of gold depending on your level. As for the gems, you'll want to work on your defense first. Take your gems to the bartender at the Inn, and talk to him about (G)ems. For the price of two he will offer you a drink to strengthen your vitality. Or you can use them to strengthen your attack or your hit points if you prefer.

The game was meant to be played over a long period of time. It involves a lot of strategy and everyone basically has the same goals. Not only to slay the dragon, but to marry Seth or Violet, have the most players' kills, be at the top of the Old Man's Table, or all of the above! You can meet some really nice people, and make some really brutal enemies. Your character can fall in love, get married, and have a family.

Everyone has their own way of playing the game, and I'm not saying that the way I do it is the only way it can be done. It's not, and that's a relief too! Without the versatility this game offers, it would not be as interesting as it is, nor as much fun!! If you think you have a better way of doing anything in the game, you should do it, and if you would like to share that information with us, then please do so.

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